The Mustang is up in the air for inspection
Gotta love the wing covers _)
The Engine before the strip down
Starting the strip down
Engine strip down
Con rods cleaned
Plenium and heads cleaned
New prop shaft
The Sump comes off for inspection
Getting ready for the pistons to go in
The Pistons are out
One of the heads
The Heads are off showing the block
Forged pistons going back in after being machined to specified weight
Lovely and clean
The parts are layed out
Carb and fueling going on
New wider wheels in place for the mock up
New wider wheels in place for the mock up
Wheels fitted with rubber and back on the ground showing roughly where they will sit
Wheels being masked out ready for etch primer
Logo says it all _)
2 coats of etch primer and 2 pack primer later
Looking like new!
Rear springs painted
Rear axle stripped with new brackets welded on
Rear axle painted
Axle and springs fitted
Anti roll bars fitted
Rear axle, prop shaft and diff removed ready for the new uprated parts
All done, washed clean and looking good!
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Shelby Mustang build

This Shelby Mustang had an engine refresh as well as some paintwork and alloy wheels refurbished and painted. 
Gotta love the wing covers _)