Nissan s14a track car

The s14a on the first day at Body & Tuning in its standard form ready for a striping session!
Engine removed
Engine and brackets been given a coat of heat proof silver and black paint
Inlet plenium been given a coat of heat proof silver paint
Old battery tray removed and custom intercooler pipe hole made
under chassis stripped
Underneath undersealed
Not much left of the poor thing!
Some of the new goodies ready for Unit 18 to fit!
rear diff and prop painted
Built up into possition by Unit 18
Dinner plate size discs!
Drivers side imperfections and dints removed
Passenger side imperfections and dints removed
Rear arches rolled, flaired and dollied into shape
Rear arches filled for a smooth flair
SRB full bodykit and front fenders test fitted
Engine bay rust treated, smoothed and spot primed
Car masked up and ready for primer front view
Car masked up and ready for primer back view
Front view in the booth fully primed.jpg This gives a rough idea what the car will look like in when
Rear view in the booth fully primed
The shell has just been painted with 5 coats of white and 3 coats of lacquer and just been baked
Front end shot
All unmasked rear view
All unmasked front view
Front and back bumper painted and clear coated
Front fenders painted and clear coated
Engine parts painted and clear coated
Roll cage has been prepped and painted
Rear lights and boot built up
Doors, wings and boot fittied
Sitting pretty
All back togeather and buffed up to a glossy shine
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This Nissan 200sx s14a was pretty standard when it came to us but underwent a real transformation to be an awesome fast road and track car. Outside the car had any damage repaired, the rear wheel arches rolled and flared, a full fiberglass bodykit including wings, the boot was welded and smoothed and also a carbon fiber bonnet was fitted. Inside the interior was stripped out and a roll cage was painted and fitted. The engine bay was rust treated and spare holes deleated, also a custom intercooler pipe hole was made. The engine underwent a lot of work by a local tuner and when it came back we painted the engine and inlet manifold as well as colour coding the rocker cover and a few other engine components. Underneath had a massive amount of work with all the chasis and suspension being upgraded and replaced for new. The car was then fully painted in Audi white. This car still is to date one of the most complete projects we have undertook.