Started to strip down
Started to strip down
Engine being removed
Full car stripped
New engine mount fabricated
Handbrake being fitted
Floor mounting for the fuel cell
Fuel cell test fitting
Fuel cell mounted
Roll cage plates being welded
Roll cage plates being welded
New front panels primed
Front panels test fitted
Front end test fitted
Underside masked for underseal
Underside sealed
Underside undersealed
Filler flap welded
Car repaired ready for primer
Car repaired ready for primer
Car etch primed
Car etch primed
Car in primer
Car in primer
Car painted
Back on its wheels
Starting the build up
Front end back on
Nearly there
Carbon roof fitted
Inside finished
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Mk2 Golf track car

This mk2 Golf track car came to us for a restoration and an inside out respray as well as some mechanical work finishing off. Outside the rear arches were cut to accommodate the wider track wheels, new front wings were fitted, a carbon fiber roof was fitted and the petrol flap was welded and smoothed over. The engine bay had a custom made engine mounting block welded in place and some holes in the firewall deleated. Inside a fuel cell was fitted, roll cage support plates were welded on, a new handbrake and race pedal box were fitted and some floor pan holes deleated. The car was then painted inside and out in frozen white. This stripped out light weight golf running an audi 4 wheel drive system and 1.8 turbo engine will be a real track weapon.