The big strip down
The start of cutting the rust out
Plate welded in place
Rusty floor
New floor plate tacked in place
Rusty wheel arch and floor cut out
Rusty quarter panel cut out
Rusty sills cut out
New sill section tacked in place
Rusty arch and floor
Arch and floor cut out
New arch test fitted
New arch and floor section welded in
New arch and floor section welded in
New door test fitted
New rear quarter test fitted
Quarter panel in place
Front bumper bar removed
First time outside for a clean down
Quarter repaired ready for prime
Side repaired ready for primer
Front repaired ready for primer
In primer
In primer
Inside and roof ready for paint
Outside ready for paint
Al painted
Starting the build up
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1972 vw camper restoration

This 1972 camper van came to us in a very poor state and in need of a full restoration. Virtually every panel was replaced due to rust  and previous poor repairs. As well as all the cut and welded sections the panels that were replaced included both inner and outer sills, inner and outer quarter sections, front panel, front bumper bar, both doors, both front inner and outer arches, front floor pan and rear boot panel. After all the restoration was complete it was painted inside and out in Porsche gts red with a cream top half.
Front bumper bar removed